Hi! I started playing the guitar aged 7, and was quickly inspired by artists like Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and Jimi Hendrix. I began writing songs during high school, and developed an interest in using my musical voice to make a difference in this crazy world!

My musical career began when I was 11  playing gigs around the local pubs in Cheshire, before playing in celebrated festivals like 'The Isles of Scilly Folk Festival' and the "Nantwich Jazz Festival'. 

I have always regarded myself as a political musician, and my goal is to create real change through my music, as well as art and poetry.

After leaving school, I formed my own band and played alongside big acts like Twisted Wheel, King No-One and Soeurs in local grassroots venues like the Sugarmill and O2 institute. 

Since then, I've continued gigging, and  working on my solo career. With 2 EPs to date and a handful of singles, I'm  continuing to fight for justice with my music.


Just wanted to use this space to thank everyone who has supported me so far with my music and everything else! You all know who you are :) In addition, thanks to all the music blogs and reviewers who have given me feedback and helped me improve! Some of the reviews are here!>>>